7 Reasons to Choose Harvey Wood Windows


Are you looking to make a case on why to choose Harvey wood windows? 

Hand-crafted wood windows combine the warmth and beauty of a wood interior with a maintenance-free, durable aluminum clad exterior. Here are the top 7 reasons to choose Harvey.

1. Classic, Historic Look with Endless Color Options

Homeowner’s seeking wood windows are looking for the traditional finish and historic look. We know better than most, it’s hard to fake the wood grain look. Nothing beats the warm natural tones of wood with the option to change colors to match the changing design inside of your home. In addition to providing beauty, Harvey’s wood windows are approved in historic districts all around the country. In other words, our wood windows give those who have product restrictions a great option. Including in New England, where some homes pre-date electricity.

Image Courtesy of New England Fine Living

2. Flexibility with Operating Styles

Wood windows come in all shapes and sizes, and various operating styles. Meaning, you can get the perfect wood window for any space in your home that needs a double-hunggliding, casement, bay/bow, and specialty shapes. Unsure of which window to put where? Check out our Window Styles and Where to Put Them guide.

Harvey wood windows allow you to experiment with operating styles you may have otherwise thought impossible with wood.


3. Custom Made for a Custom Fit

Harvey’s wood windows are custom made. Replacing old windows with new ones does not require additional carpentry (unlike stock-size mass-produced wood windows that may need additional framing.) Also, custom made for a custom fit means quicker installation and less mess.

4. Aluminum Clad Exterior

Although wood windows give a warm tone to the interior of the home, some worry of durability. Aluminum cladding for the exterior is a great solution. Not only does aluminum cladding improve curb appeal, but it also makes wood windows stronger, more durable, and weather resistant.

Choose from numerous cladding color options as well, to match your exterior aesthetic. Harvey’s aluminum cladding allows homeowners the beauty of real wood inside their homes without the hassle and maintenance of exterior-facing wood.

5. Energy Efficiency in a Beautiful Package

No longer does energy efficiency mean thick & bulky wood or vinyl frames. Harvey offers glass packages that are ENERGY STAR RATED for all climate zones and are an option on all windows to maximize energy efficiency. Why sacrifice energy efficiency when choosing our wood windows? You don’t need to with the classic, beautiful wood window from Harvey.

Modern windows, regardless of material, are more energy-efficient than the single pane windows of yesteryear.

6. Advanced Weather-stripping for Air Tight Seal

Weather-strips are pads that fill the gap between doors and windows and their respective frames. For windows, weather-stripping sits against the edge of the window opening. Harvey’s deep wool pile weather stripping around openings help prevent air infiltration. With it, your windows keep the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer. Weather-stripping also acts as an effective barrier against moisture.

Hardware is a significant design element of window fixtures. You want to be able to choose an operating system that is comfortable to use and that ties in well with the rest of the window frame. Choose from a variety of different latch types and operating systems that provide our windows the classic look that makes them unique and beautiful.


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