5 Residential Window Trends

 for Spring


Spring season and home renovation already go hand in hand, but with the emergence of the working from home lifestyle, which is likely not going away anytime soon, a surge in remodeling projects is expected. Houzz, an online home remodeling platform, reported a 58% annual increase in project leads for home professionals in June last year.

After all, if you’re at home all day, wouldn’t you want your space to be as homey and inviting as possible? This of course extends to windows, which make or break the comfort and style of any home. Below, we’re highlighting some of the residential window trends to incorporate into your home this season.

Harvey Windows during Spring

1. Natural Light is More Important than Ever

With more time spent indoors and at the home office, remodelers and architects aim to brighten up spaces with expansive windows and clear views. Windows and doors play a huge role in “daylighting,” a term that means maximizing natural light in an indoor space.

Increasing natural lighting in a home helps lower overall energy consumption by reducing reliance on electric lighting and heat. The Department of Energysays the best way to incorporate daylighting in your home depends on your climate and home's design, taking into consideration the sizes and locations of windows based on the cardinal directions. Additionally, natural light is known to be beneficial to health and wellness for occupants in both residential and commercial buildings. From boosting Vitamin D and improving sleep to warding off seasonal depression, natural light is a miracle worker.

Larger windows — and more windows — are the ideal solution for letting in light and opening up living areas to feel more comfortable and inviting. Incorporating picture windows or combining multiple styles into the home’s design will do wonders in achieving this effect. For a truly unimpeded view, opt for installing windows without grids.

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Better for social distancing, outdoor living areas have become increasingly in-demand among homeowners wanting to create a safe and inviting place for guests. From patios and decks to outdoor kitchens, homeowners are updating their home’s exterior to complement an indoor/outdoor lifestyle that combines the best of both worlds.

For example, a porch enclosure is an easy and beautiful way to add additional living space to your home. With the ability to convert any patio, porch, or deck into a three-season room, the design offers an attractive look and gives you the freedom to extend your enjoyment of the seasons without the hassle of weather or insects. For a permanent porch enclosure solution, the Harvey Windows + Doors Accu-Fit Enclosure System offers the versatility to enclose most structural openings. Other home upgrades to consider that seamlessly blend together the indoors and outdoors include larger floor-to-ceiling windows and options such as gliding windows, garden windows, or a new patio door.

3. Tell it to Me Straight

Home renovators seeking to embrace modern design are updating their homes with clean lines and straight features. Though there is a place for ornamental curvature, homeowners are increasingly ditching the arches for a more contemporary aesthetic.

Windows that appeal to the modernist offer features that don’t obstruct the view and minimize visual clutter, like thinner stiles and rails or low profile hardware. These styles embrace geometric shapes and sharp, angular lines, providing a streamlined look that is simple yet sophisticated.

4. Step Outside the Box

Making a home truly unique sometimes requires an unconventional approach to color. Mixed finishes are a rising trend for homeowners wanting to achieve greater customization and creative expression. Many architects and remodelers mix finishes in their designs, often using dark stain or paint on the exterior of the window while the surrounding trim is painted in a crisp white.

Darker colors have been increasing in popularity in all aspects of home design and that includes windows. White windows are ubiquitous, so choosing a darker exterior finish creates an elegant look that contrasts dramatically from other houses in the neighborhood.

Homeowners and designers seek a variety of options for window colors and sizes to match their home aesthetic. Harvey Windows + Doors understands this better than most and therefore offers a broad array of beautiful and high-quality windows and doors tailored for everyone.

5. High-Performance Function

Designing a beautiful, custom window is just one aspect to consider. With today’s homeowners being more budget conscious than ever before, investing in a home’s thermal efficiency is a top priority in most remodeling and new construction residential projects. Luckily, aesthetic appeal and performance can go hand in hand.

Key performance features homeowners consider when researching window brands include energy efficiency, air infiltration defense and durability that withstands the test of time. This is why Harvey Windows + Doors offers a wide selection of ENERGY STAR® rated products that offer enhanced thermal efficiency, prevent air leakage and protect the home from the elements.

Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use, according to estimates from the Department of Energy. Whether for new construction or to replace existing windows, they recommend selecting the most energy-efficient windows that work best in your climate.

With the spring season upon us and home renovation projects surging in popularity, now is the time to consider how your home can benefit from the rising residential window trends.



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