5 Minor Home Improvements

 to Increase Value


This article highlights five minor home improvement projects to increase equity value. 

Whether you are planning to list your home, or just looking to enhance its appeal. These equity boosting projects are sure to get your house shining among the pack.

1. Minor kitchen enhancements – Equity Booster

New hardware. Let’s assume you already know you have to clean up in the kitchen and remove as many things from the countertop as possible. But, maybe you forgot about worn out or outdated knobs and pulls. These can negatively affect even the most elegant kitchens. Replacing knobs and pulls is a small investment that can make a significant difference in look-and-feel of your kitchen.

Fix all lighting fixtures that appear damaged or neglected. Ensure bulbs are either brand new or at the very least – not covered in dust. A bright kitchen is a happy kitchen.

Helpful Tip

If you’re selling and thinking about replacing a fixture, keep it basic.  Your idea of a “fun” or “creative” light might not be seen as such by all buyers. Try a regular, everyday fixture by searching with the “Most Popular” filter. Lighting affects mood, so these minor home improvement projects can directly increase perceived home equity value.

Fresh paint and back-splash. You might not have the budget for a complete cabinet and counter-top overhaul, but you can liven up this space with a new color pop of paint or an accent back-splash.

Window dressing. Add modern style curtains or blinds to dress up windows.

2. Minor bathroom enhancements


Replace faucets/hardware. So, a similar theme here as in the kitchen. You don’t need to gut and replace everything. Pair new faucets, shower-heads, and hardware with a nice deep clean to make your bathroom appear less used. Again, be mindful of knobs and pulls on cabinets as well.

Re-caulk around tubs and sinks. Dirty, fading, or flaking caulk is one of the top things homeowners neglect. Usually, because caulk degrades over a long period, so the difference isn’t as noticeable. A fresh caulk or silicone seal around sinks and tubs can rejuvenate a space.

New toilet seat. You might not have thought of this because it’s your family’s butts. But, you deserve a new toilet seat. And they are cheap and pay major dividends in giving your bathroom a clean look. A new toilet seat is essential if you’re listing your home for sale.

3. Repair/Replace windows and doors


Okay, you’re not surprised at all by this one. But keep reading because we’re not trying to be sneaky here.

New windows boost equity. According to the Cost vs. Value nationwide study replacing your windows (vinyl) recouped about 75% of its value upon resale. Putting it top 5 among all remodeling projects analyzed. Meaning – buyers are willing to offer more and are looking for energy efficiency. Also, it means window improvements increase home equity.

“Oh, they’ll see this cute old door as a charming little quirk.” No, they won’t.

A new front entry door well worth the investment. That same study found replacing your entry door system recouped over 90% of its value upon resale (in equity based on entrance and door type/style.) The front door is essential for first impressions. Invest in a new door. You’ll make most of that money back when selling and will get more wow-factor for your first impression.

Helpful Tip

If you do decide on replacing your windows and entry door system make sure to have them professionally installed. Don’t risk major delays or issues.


4. Landscaping Improvements to increase home value


Everybody says this. It’s because it cannot be stressed enough. Similar idea to the front door – landscaping will significantly boost curb appeal and enhance that oh-so-important first impression. And if you’re not listing, imagine the pride you’ll feel coming home every day to the best looking house in the neighborhood. Give your lawn some love, mulch-it-up, fix up that rock wall or even plant some new flowers and shrubbery.

Another project you might want to consider is renting a power-washer and cleaning up the stone or paved pathways. Add exterior lighting. A small investment in lighting for your landscape can increase perceived value. You might not have thought of this as “landscaping,” but it’s a sure-fire way to bring some life back into this space.

There are plenty of minor and creative landscaping improvement projects to increase home value. Pick and choose what you’ll work on based off proximity to the home (closer problems first) and your skill level. Work your way out. But definitely, don’t skimp out here. Your elbow grease will pay off.

5. Appliances Enhance the perceived value

Scratches or worn out knobs and handles will give the appearance of worn-out appliances – when that might not be the case. Manufacturers’ sell replacement parts at low cost and replacing knobs and handles is easy. There is also paint (yup, even for stainless steel) that can fill those scratches and make a used machine look new again. And if your selling, you don’t want potential buyers thinking they need replacing.

If the current ones are outdated or un-spruce-up-able, consider replacing them. Second-hand appliances from online market places or used stores can be a budget-friendly option. But always try to match. Remember, when shopping for a used device – you can fix the scratches and replace those knobs and handles.

Helpful Tip

You may end up loving your home too much after these improvements. But don’t to worry. Your hard work will pay off if judgmental in-laws threaten to visit.

Got it?

So there you have it, some minor home improvements to increase value. Take back the pride of homeownership. And if your selling, get buyers awe-struck and ready to submit those offers. Check out Harvey windows, and Harvey customized Therma-Tru Front Entry Door Systems to get your home looking great and energy-efficient.


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